Summer’s over! School’s started! You’re going to classes again!

First time in college? Back for another semester? Want good grades?

Here are some tips on how to succeed . . .
First, plan to do everything you can to get a good grade. Be organized. Get your books and papers in order. Refresh your computer skills and Blackboard skills. Don’t overload your schedule. College work is very different from high school homework. In high school, your teacher took a lot of responsibility to help you learn. In college, it is your responsibility to “make it happen.”

Don’t try to do too much besides studying. Make learning one of your highest priorities. Schedule study time each day at the same time, if possible. Find a special quiet place to study.

MATC Tutoring Services are a great resource for all students.

MATC Tutoring Services are a great resource for all students.

Try to master the subject you are learning. Studies show that when student “overlearn” their homework, they remember more. Avoid distractions like texting, phone calls, emails, etc. while working on assignments.

Go to your classes. This may sound obvious, but one of the most important ways to know how the teacher grades is to listen in class and read the syllabus. Take good notes. Read the text. Underline or highlight the textbook if you need to.

Different people learn in different ways. Know your “learning style.” Are you visual, auditory, or kinesthetic? In other words, do you learn best by seeing things, hearing things, or moving around? Maybe you use a combination of learning styles. Look at charts, maps, formulas, and books if you are visual. If you are auditory, you could record the lectures you go to. If you learn best in motion, writing notes will help. Also walking around while you read notecards might work.

Individuals and groups can benefit from MATC's Tutoring Services.

Individuals and groups can benefit from MATC’s Tutoring Services.

Find a “study buddy,” or join a study group. Research shows that most people learn best in groups. Groups allow us to interact with others. That stimulates more parts of our brain, which indicates that we are learning more. Explaining concepts in our own words cements the ideas inside of us.
For better grades, seek help. MATC’s Tutoring Services Center, Academic Support Centers, and instructors are there for you. Check out your instructor’s office hours.

Visit Tutor Services in C201 on the Downtown Milwaukee Campus or check out the website at Group Tutoring, Walk-In Tutoring, Assigned Tutoring, the Online Tutor, and the Homework Helpline are some of the services to help you succeed.

We know that the more times students study with a tutor, the better the grade will be! Students attending Group Tutoring each week through the semester will usually get a final grade one point higher than those who don’t! That’s an “A” instead of a “B”!

Please visit our website for more tips. Remember, we are here to help you succeed!

Roger W. Plath, Manager, MATC Tutoring Services