Camille Nicolai (1)
Camille Nicolai, MATC director of admissions and financial aid

Growing student debt is an issue that looms large in the minds of students, alumni, parents and staff at educational institutions. While higher education advocates and legislators seek ways to combat student debt and to increase access to financial aid, there are some common sense approaches that can be implemented immediately to ease the financial burdens of attending college and increase awareness of financial aid opportunities.

April is National Financial Aid Literacy Month. Camille Nicolai, MATC’s financial aid director, urges students, alumni and anyone interested in increasing their financial acumen to explore the SALT website, a resource developed by American Student Assistance.

The website takes its name from salt which was used in ancient times as a form a currency.

SALT is a free financial literacy program designed to increase financial empowerment. SALT combines online services and offline interactions that offer decision-making support, engaging content and one-on-one loan repayment guidance in a simple, useful and straightforward manner.

SALT is an industry-leading program that provides students and alumni with a number of resources, including:

  • Real world money skills
  • Practical and successful financial guidelines
  • Tools for managing loans and finding scholarships and jobs
  • Expert counseling and other essential support

Get started by visiting After taking the SALT video tour, Nicolai recommends signing up for a SALT account, which takes just a few moments.

Nicolai recommends watching the following videos on the SALT website:

To understand even more about handling money well, take the quick courses under “Money 101” at

Here’s an interesting YouTube video on MATC’s financial aid program by PantherVision:

For specific questions about MATC’s financial aid programs and procedures, call (414) 297-6908.